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Dual Credit

Distance education refers to a separation between the student and the teacher. This separation can include time and/or distance. At the Concordia School District, we offer two forms of distance education.


The first form of distance education is called online (or web accessed) education.  This form of education can be completed at the school during regular school hours or at home. Currently these classes are received through University of Central Missouri and State Fair Community College.When receiving college credit, the student is responsible for the incurred fees. 


The second form of distance education is called two-way interactive (I-TV). This form of education allows the student to be face-to-face with the instructor at all times, however, the contact is made through television and microphones. Currently these classes are offered both through university and high schools.  When a student signs up to take a dual credit class, they are essentially saying they want to receive the same grade at both the college and high school level.


The colleges we are currently working with include University of Central Missouri (UCM), State Fair Community College (SFCC), Missouri Valley College, and Central Methodist University (CMU). These colleges and universities have allowed us to offer such classes as College Algebra, Public Speaking, English Composition, Personal Health, Spanish I and II, Psychology, and History of the US.  When receiving college credit, the student is responsible for the incurred fees.  These fees are generally about half price of a regular college course fee.


The current cost of I-TV classes are: from UCM is $85 per credit hour plus textbook; from CMU is $75 per credit hour plus books; from MO Valley is $80 per credit hour plus a $20 fee plus textbook; and SFCC is $90 per credit hour plus books. Most of the classes received from the various colleges are 3 credit hours.  So when you figure the cost of each class, the student needs to take the number of credit hours times the amount the college charges per credit hour.  For example, College Algebra is a 3 hour course at CMU, so to figure the cost, take 3 * $75 = $225.  Remember, this is half the cost to take it on campus as a freshman in college.


When taking any college distance education class, students need to make sure that the class will transfer to the college/university where they plan to seek a degree.  Students around the country are now enrolling at colleges after graduation with one or two years already complete because they took their general studies courses while in high school.


Distance education has given our students another avenue for advanced/challenging courses without having the expenses of driving. Some have even made friends with students from rival or distant schools.


Links to the colleges:

University of Central Missouri

Central Methodist University and search for ischool

​Missouri Valley College and search dual credit

State Fair Community College and search dual credit


Transcript Request Forms:

University of Central Missouri

Central Methodist University

State Fair Community College

Wentworth Military Academy


Please see Mrs. Hemme or Mrs. Basye for additional information. (660-463-2246)

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